Reaching New Heights

My mommy is good at many things. She cooks tasty food for me, mommy has a lovely singing voice, mommy knows how to make the spoon work, and she even battles the sun for me. Recently I discovered that mommy has another skill that has proven very useful to me.

Most days I have some time when I play on the ground. This activity helps me practice sitting while I play, and moving around when I chase after my toys. Most of the time, mommy sits on the ground with me. When mommy is busy with something else, daddy takes over for a while because mommy says I need constant supervision. I think mommy may be wrong because my eyes work very well and I already have super vision.

When mommy sits on the floor with me, we usually play together. I like it when we play with my toys. Mommy gives them funny voices and makes them dance. Sometimes mommy shows me how to wave or clap my hands. Other times we have tickle fights where mommy pretends that she’s going to eat my tummy while I shriek, giggle, and try to stop her. These are just a few of my favourite games.

Sometimes mommy gets tired and she watches while I play. I can keep myself busy for a while, especially when I have fun toys around me. There are times when I am playing that I look up and see mommy sitting all by herself with no toys at all. She looks so lonely and bored with nothing to play with.

happy tummy time baby

Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

I don’t want mommy to be sad so when I see her in this state I wiggle over to her. Sometimes I try to engage mommy in a conversation. Other times I pick up a toy and wave it in her face to show mommy that there are many things to play with. It was one of these times when I discovered mommy’s secret talent.

I wiggled over to mommy with one of my rattles in hand. I wanted to show her the fun sounds it makes when you shake it. I couldn’t quite reach mommy’s face to make sure that she could see how fun this toy is, so I wiggled myself right up on mommy’s lap. That’s when I realized how much fun it was to climb up on mommy. Mommy can be a very effective mountain!

Ever since this discovery I climb on mommy whenever she isn’t doing anything important. It’s not just mommy’s lap anymore either. I climb wherever my mood dictates. When mommy is in the perfect position, I can even get my hands on her shoulders, stand up on my feet, and be face to face with mommy! Then I can really get her attention.

Climbing mount mommy comes with its own set of dangers. Mommy is not a solid surface like the ground. It’s easy to lose your balance and tumble down to the floor. Sometimes mommy moves and that gives me the wobbles. Her clothing can shift underneath me and make me stumble and fall.

I have fallen many times while climbing mommy. Most of the time mommy catches me but a few times she just wasn’t quick enough. Mommy has perfected being a mountain, but she needs to work on her reflexes.


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