Food in Another Colour

Now that I’m a big girl, I eat by myself more frequently and the foods I’m able to feed myself are becoming more varied. I began by eating baby cookies, and now I’m eating chopped fruit, pieces of cooked vegetables, and even bits of cheese. I still like my cookies but it’s nice to have some variety.

The other day mommy made a mini omelette for me, but I didn’t like it. Did you know that an omelette is really just a big piece of scrambled egg? I don’t like eggs! Mommy tried to trick me but I’m too smart for that.

These new foods are a lot more messy. When I’m not hungry, I like to mush the food in my fists and use the paste I made to decorate my high chair. Mommy doesn’t seem to be impressed with this skill of mine. She must not have an appreciation for art.

In an effort to contain the mess, mommy has bought me my very own set of dishes. There are matching plates and bowls in pretty colours. They are made of plastic, because mommy knows I like to throw things, and they are the perfect size for the tray on my high chair.

I haven’t tried the bowls yet, but I love the plates. Mommy places bits of food on the plate and puts it down in front of me. I pick up a piece of food and put it in my mouth. Yummy! Then I grab the edge of the plate and flip it upside down.

I use the bottom of the plate like a dum. Then I spot a piece of food still stuck to the plate and I eat it. Finally, an invention that allows me to combine my love of music with my love of food. Plates are very clever gadgets.

baby looking through a plate

That’s different!

Next I pick up the plate and wave it in the air. I like to wave things around a lot. As the plate passes in front of me I notice that it makes the world look funny. I bring the plate closer to my face and I am amazed by what I see. Everything has gone pink!

I can’t wait to use another plate or maybe even a bowl. Dishes make meal time even more fun. Mommy says next week I’ll be having quiche for the first time. Sounds delicious.


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