Love My Loungewear

I like to lounge around the house on lazy Sunday mornings. Those relaxing times with my mommy and daddy are the best! We play, laugh, and watch tv from the comfort of our living room couches. It’s fun, laid back, and the three of us are together. It’s my favourite part of the week.

There are three things you need for a successful lazy Sunday morning. The first and most important requirement are people who you love. Second, you need comfy couches to lounge on. The third requirement is loungewear. You don’t want to ruin relaxing lounge time by wearing something uncomfortable.

One of my favourite outfits for lounging around is this cute romper made by George. The cotton and polyester blend is so comfortable. This light weight fabric is perfect for around the house activities. The smart tagless design means there is nothing poking me in the back of the neck and that’s something I really appreciate.

Baby in swing wearing romper by George baby

Ready for couch time!

Comfort is important but when you’re a stylish baby like me, you want to make sure you look good too. The ruffles at the top of the sleeves add to my natural cuteness and I love the adorable owl on the front. I’m a big fan of the colour. It’s pink but not over the top, for that soft girlish look.

Along with comfort, and looking adorable, a winning outfit must be practical and this romper is exactly that. The inseam has snaps for quick and easy diaper changes. The long sleeves and longer pant legs are perfect for this time of year. It keeps me warm without making me sweaty. On cooler days mommy puts a pair of comfy slippers on my feet and I’m ready for cushy couch time.

Mommy bought this romper at Walmart for under $10. This romper is such a great find that mommy bought several in different sizes so that I’ll be able to keep this outfit as part of my wardrobe for the next year. That’s thinking ahead!


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