Halloween: Part One

This Monday is a very special day for us little people. As most of you are probably aware, Monday is Halloween. This year will be my first Halloween ever and that makes it extra special. I can’t wait to see what Halloween is all about.

Mommy and I have been busy preparing for the event. This post is about our preparations and what we’re doing this year. After Halloween there will be a second part to this post where I will share my impressions of Halloween and whether or not it lives up to the hype. Look for part two on Wednesday.

Mommy says that I’m too little to go trick or treating this year but maybe I’ll be big enough next year. That doesn’t mean I won’t get to enjoy the night. Mommy, daddy, and I have plans to go for a walk around the neighbourhood after dark to see all the excited kids running around. I hope I don’t get too scared!

Once I’ve had enough, we will come back to the house and I will help mommy give out some candy. This way I’ll be able to experience trick or treating from both sides of the door without actually doing it. It also means Halloween decorations are in order and we’re going all out with all the decorations we’ve got!

Excited baby girl

Get Ready! Halloween is almost here!

Here are some of the Halloween preparations we’ve been busy with. Turns out, a lot more thought goes into Halloween than I anticipated.


I have my first ever Halloween costume picked out and ready to go. There were many options and I loved them all. What’s not to love? They’re all colourful and with different textures. Babies love that kind of stuff and I am a baby.

There was a great bumblebee costume with the most fabulous textured fabric, but mommy worried that my legs would be cold because it didn’t have pants, only tights. We saw an adorable fish costume but there were worries that the tail would interfere with my ability to sit in my stroller. They had the cutest pumpkin outfit which we all loved, but they didn’t have it in my size. That was disappointing.

We didn’t end up with any of those costumes and I won’t tell you what we did decide. It’s a surprise! You’ll have to come back for my second Halloween post on Wednesday to find out.


Apparently, you can’t have Halloween without pumpkins. They’re everywhere we go! Our house is no exception. Two pumpkins have been purchased and are sitting on the porch ready to acquire their decorative carving. The pumpkin carving begins tomorrow.

According to mommy, pumpkin carving is yet another thing that I’m not big enough for. Mommy says I don’t have the manual dexterity for it. I have no idea what manual dexterity is, but I’m sure I have plenty of it. Mommy insists that I won’t be doing any pumpkin carving this year but I have been given the very important job of pumpkin carving supervisor.


You can’t have Halloween without candy and treats. Mommy, daddy, and I purchased a colourful assortment of sweets which have been mixed and dumped into our pumpkin bucket. Turns out, we need more candy.

Not only did we not buy enough to fill the pumpkin bucket, the candy has also been mysteriously disappearing since it’s been in the house. This is very unsettling. I’m determined to catch the candy thief red-handed, but so far the culprit has been able to evade me.


It seems that some of the Thanksgiving decorations double as Halloween decorations. Our Thanksgiving theme consisted of scarecrows, turkeys, and pinecones. Our Halloween theme includes scarecrows, pumpkins, and black cats.

The turkeys and pinecones have been cleared away, and the pumpkins and black cats have been brought down from the attic and are being scattered around the house. The bin of Halloween stuff isn’t quite empty yet, which means there is still more decorating to do. Another project to be completed tomorrow.

It has been a busy couple of weeks and it looks like there is still a fair bit to be accomplished. We have to make sure everything is just right for my first Halloween. I can’t wait to experience it. I hope it’s as exciting as it sounds. Check back on Wednesday for part two of my Halloween post.


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