Magic Bubble Time

The summer is coming to an end and the cooler weather is creeping in. When a warm day happens our way, mommy and I spend some time outdoors, soaking up the last bit of the sunshine. We recently had an outing to our backyard, as we have often done this summer, and I encountered a most remarkable thing.

It all began when I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see but there was nothing there. Then it appeared again and this time I got a closer look. It was round, strangely shiny, and it floated in the air. This floating orb was both colourful and without any colour at all. It wobbled in the air then floated up over the fence and it was gone.

Baby girl having outdoor fun with bubbles

Are you seeing this?

Mommy called it a bubble and said she would show me more of them. Within moments, a whole flock of bubbles appeared. They swirled around me as I watched in amazement. Without a sound, the whole flock floated up and up, then over the fence they went. I was stunned and speechless.

I sat for a moment in quiet awe, but then my curiosity took over and I looked around for more. Almost immediately another flock of bubbles came my way. They floated around me and in their quiet, shimmery way they, enticed me to touch them. I reached out my hands but I wasn’t fast enough and over the fence they went.

baby playing with soap bubbles.

Come a little closer.

Mommy said she would catch a bubble for me and another flock of bubbles appeared. Mommy reached out the stick she was holding and a bubble landed on it. It sat there wobbling and mommy brought it over for me to investigate. I gave it a good hard look and then I reached out to give it a poke. Poof, the bubble disappeared.

I looked around for the bubble but it was nowhere to be found. The bubble simply vanished. Clearly bubbles are magic. It made me uneasy at first as magic is something I can’t explain. The feeling only lasted for a moment and soon I was looking around for more bubbles.

Another flock of bubbles appeared around me and this time, I was determined to catch one myself. I watched their movements carefully. I spotted a nice and big one coming straight at me. I reached out towards it and waited for the bubble to float into my arms.

Baby catching a soap bubble.

Easy does it.

The bubble danced in the air towards me and settled in my hands. Before I could really feel it, poof, this bubble disappeared just like the first one. Magic bubbles must be shy creatures. Much like the cats in the house, they don’t stick around long enough for me to pet them, but the cats never vanish.

Mommy and I played with the flocks of magic bubbles for some time. Then mommy said it was getting late and that we need to head inside and get my dinner ready. I was getting a bit hungry. Chasing bubbles works up quite an appetite.

After dinner mommy said I had to have a bath because I tasted a little soapy from all the bubble fun. I’m not sure how those things are related but I don’t mind bath time. While I splashed in the tub mommy told me that if we get more warm days we can play with bubbles again. Apparently magic bubbles are only around in the summer. I do hope we have more warm days before winter because I can’t wait for more magic bubble time.

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February 8, 2017


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