The Joy of Music

I am a very musical baby. I have enjoyed music in all forms from the day I was born. Music can be soothing, exciting, funny, and thought-provoking. I make sure that I incorporate some form of music into every day.

I like to hear music and I like to make music. If you’re creative, you will find that you can make music with just about anything. I like the music I can make by smashing two objects together. I also enjoy smacking the palm of my hand against various surfaces to see what kind of sound I can get out of them. Sometimes I take the more traditional approach and play musical instruments such as my piano and drum.

I love to hear mommy sing and I enjoy singing myself. I like to sing as loud as my voice will allow so that everyone can enjoy the pretty music coming out of my mouth. My favourite place to demonstrate my vocal range is at Walmart. The acoustics in there are amazing! Mommy says she can hear my whistle all the way over in housewares. Daddy gives me a funny look. I wonder what it means.

Adorable baby girl smiling

Music is so much fun!

Another great way to enjoy music is through dance. Both mommy and daddy like to dance with me and I thoroughly enjoy that activity. We twirl around the room in a most exhilarating fashion. Other times, either mommy or daddy entrain me by dancing for my amusement. They put on a great show and it makes me giggle every time.

I would like to learn how to dance on my own so that I can enjoy dance whenever I want. I have been observing what mommy and daddy do but they use their feet and my feet are lazy. I can’t get them to walk. I doubt that I could get them to dance.

I won’t allow my feet to stop me. I have been trying to figure things out without them. So far I can only manage a bit of a wiggle to the music, but it’s a start. As long as I can make steady progress, I’ll be dancing in no time.


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