My First Thanksgiving: The Outcome

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving. This was the first Thanksgiving of my life and I wanted to commemorate the experience with a very special two-part post. On Sunday I wrote about our preparations for the big event. Today I want to share how I celebrated my very first Thanksgiving.

The morning began like any other. I woke up in my crib and mommy arrived to change my diaper and bring me downstairs. Mommy put me in my high chair and I had my usual breakfast. It didn’t seem like anything special was going on. I was starting to think that Thanksgiving wasn’t going to happen after all.

When I was done with breakfast, Mommy brought me into the kitchen and said we were going to begin the preparations for our Thanksgiving feast. That’s when the much discussed and highly anticipated turkey came out of the fridge. Finally, Thanksgiving was starting to happen.

I helped mommy make the stuffing by taste testing the apples which made up the bulk of it. Then I supervised while mommy rubbed oil and spices on the turkey and filled the inside with the stuffing we made. The turkey got placed in a large roasting pan and then the whole thing went into the oven. I didn’t see the turkey again until dinner. This Thanksgiving thing is easy!

By Vlad Litvinov from Toronto (Fall colours  Uploaded by Skeezix1000) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Thanksgiving is about to happen!

Then we went into the living room for a break and I had a short snooze on the couch with daddy. When I woke up, mommy brought me back into the kitchen and began to clear the area around the sink. I know what that means. It’s bath time!

After a good scrub and a soak in the tub, mommy brought me over to the couch for my massage with the moisturizer. I’m don’t particularly like this part of our bath time routine, but it leaves me silky smooth. What I really wanted to do was roll around on the couch and mommy let me do that for a bit after my massage.

For some reason, bath time wears me out and I started to get a bit sleepy. Mommy brought me upstairs and bundled me up in my soft blanket. After a little snack, I was ready for a nice nap in my crib. I must say that I slept incredibly well for a few hours. It was a very refreshing nap.

When I woke up, daddy came up to get me. After a quick diaper change, daddy got me into a clean outfit and we were ready to head downstairs. To my surprise, our guests were already there and everyone was very eager to see me.

Autumn wreath on a door

Our guest are here!

At first I felt disoriented and it made me shy and a little frightened. Daddy held me close and I quickly adjusted to the situation. Soon I was ready to make my rounds and welcome everyone to our Thanksgiving gathering. As usual, I was the life of the party.

To my surprise, I was placed in my high chair and fed my regular dinner. Why was I the only one eating? What happened to the turkey? Mommy was in the kitchen wrapping up the preparations. Turns out that the main dinner wasn’t ready yet.

About half an hour later everyone was seated around the table, and of course I was included. Mommy gave me bits of potato, carrot, sweet potato, and small pieces of turkey. I sat with everyone and sampled the food. The turkey tasted pretty good and I ate several pieces. It does have quite a bit of texture, but if you eat it in small pieces they will fall apart in your mouth relatively easily.

Baby self feeding with the pincer grasp

Pincer ready for action!

Everyone was very impressed with my self feeding skills. I enjoyed demonstrating my big girl abilities. I also liked watching everyone else eat. I always observe mommy and daddy while they’re eating and now I had a whole group of people to watch. It was a good show.

Once we were all full, we sat around talking for a while. I showed off my vocal skills and everyone was thrilled to hear me. The big people drank tea and ate apple pie. I had juice and mashed fruit. It was delicious and I ate it all even though I was already stuffed.

Because I had such a good nap earlier, I was able to stay up for most of the party. As the evening began to wind down, I started to get a bit tired and I snoozed a little in mommy’s arms. At that point our guests were already starting to depart so I don’t think I missed anything important.

That’s how I spent my very first Thanksgiving. Overall it was a great day and I can’t wait to do it again next year. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family?


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