The Thing that Flew

All throughout the summer mommy and I have been spending a good deal of time in our backyard. We watch clouds, touch plants, and play. I have been enjoying our backyard excursions and I hope the nice weather holds out so that we can have plenty more days in the sunshine.

On one of our backyard adventures, I spotted something I’ve never seen before. I was sitting on my outdoor blanket and playing with one of my toys when I heard a strange sound. It was an odd flapping noise followed by a light thump. That’s when I looked up to see where the sound was coming from.

Baby girl outside looking around

What was that sound?

At first I didn’t see anything which could explain the strange sound. I looked around and all I saw was the familiar trees, grass, and fence that are always there and they never make those kinds of sounds. I was just about to give up when my eye was drawn to a slight movement on the top of one of the fence posts.

I directed my gaze towards the source of the movement, and there it was! Sitting on top of the fence post I spotted what appeared to be a fuzzy ball of feathers. I paused to ponder this peculiar object. It looked like some of the toys in my playpen. Perhaps this was a new toy that mommy placed on the fence post for me?

American Robin

It looked like this.

That’s when things took a turn for the truly bizarre. The feathery fluff ball moved! With a hop it turned towards me and directed its gaze in my direction. None of the toys in my playpen have ever done that. Now I was the one being examined with curious scrutiny!

The feathery ball and I stayed motionless for a moment as we examined one another. Then the ball of feathers stretched itself out into a less round shape, made a flapping noise, and flew away. Just like that it was gone. I wonder what it was and if I’ll ever see it again.


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