Baby Plunkers

I have been able to sit on my own for about three months now, but being able to do something isn’t the same as being good at it. Sitting takes a lot of practice before you can call yourself an expert. In these last three months I have made a great deal of improvement in my independent sitting abilities, but every once in a while I do still have a mishap.

This journey towards independent sitting has been difficult. In the beginning, I used to fall over a lot and bonk my coconut. It hurt and it was scary. Often it made me cry. The first time I fell over, mommy said I went kerplunk and it stuck. Now we call it plunkers and somehow that makes it hurt less.

My first sitting attempts were on the couch or in bed. It’s nice and cushy up there and I was just getting used to the idea of sitting by myself. The problem is that the couch and bed are so cushy that they made me wobble more. I quickly graduated to practicing on the ground. Mommy bought me foam to cover the hard floor and put me in my nursing pillow to help cushion those blows when I go plunkers.

Infant falling over from independent sitting


The pillow worked until I discovered mobility. I’m not saying that I’m mobile, but I have been trying to figure it out. Learning how to get going requires a great deal of wiggling and rolling around. The nursing pillow would get in the way or I would simply wiggle my way out of it. So I now have to sit solo with just the foam floor to protect me.

The foam does help but the hard floor is right underneath it, so I do still get hurt sometimes. It’s especially bad when I go plunkers on one of my toys. Unfortunately, since I usually go plunkers while reaching for one of them, I tend to land on them a lot. Mommy prefers that I just play with my stuffed animals when I’m on the floor, but they are boring! Stuffed animals are fine for cuddling but I want to play with my fun plastic toys.

As difficult as this stage has been, it has given me a greater sense of independence and more freedom to play and explore. It wasn’t easy but I have become quite proficient at sitting and sometimes a whole week goes by before I go plunkers again! Do you think I can go plunkers free for two weeks in a row?

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October 7, 2016

6 thoughts on “Baby Plunkers

  1. Rooting for the two weeks in a row without plunkers, soon you’ll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about. And you’re right throughout your life you’ll need to practice sitting down just so you can keep getting it right. It’s especially good to do this on the trains, but that’s hard as there’s not too many places. And bars, when you’re old enough to start with you won’t want to sit down at all, but when you’re ancient that will be the most important thing. A long way off I know! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo and for being a super #bloggershowcase X

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    • Thank you for having me in your #bloggershowcase! It’s such a thrill to be featured. And thank you for the comment. Sounds like I better put in some overtime practicing my sitting. 🙂


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