Bath Time Problems

Whether you love it, or hate it, bathing is very important. I wrote a post about my own bath time struggles and how I overcame them. Then I shared my tips for making bathing a more pleasant experience. My experiences with bath time, and my journey towards appreciation of water, made me feel like a bit of an expert on this subject.

For months bath time wasn’t an issue for me. Gone were the days of bath time tears. Bathing had become a fun and relaxing experience. As the months went on, I found myself having a brand new kind of bath time problem.

I have been using a plastic baby bathtub which fits on top of the kitchen sink. Although mommy and I have had some issues with the design of this particular tub, we both like the fact that it sits at counter height. I get a good view and mommy doesn’t have to reach down to wash me. We also like that our sink has the detachable faucet head which makes it very practical to rinse all my nooks and crannies without splashing water all over the counter.

Baby in an infant bathtub

This is where the problem began.

Lately it has come to my attention that my bathtub is shrinking! I can no longer fully submerge all of my parts in there. When I straighten out my legs, my feet hang over the edge. My bathtub is just not as comfortable or as practical as it used to be.

Mommy seems to be having some issues with my bathtub as well. For a while now she has been discouraging me from kicking my feet while I soak in the tub. That was one of my favourite things to do! Now mommy tells me that my kicking is causing flash flooding in the kitchen.

According to mommy, I’m not old enough for the big people tub upstairs. Mommy says that she is worried I’ll fall over and bonk my head. I can sit pretty well on my own but I do fall over from time to time. If not the big people tub, then what? I have to bathe somewhere.

I can’t be the only baby experiencing tub shrinkage. Time to search the internet for possible solutions. There must be an answer out there somewhere. I need my bath time!


2 thoughts on “Bath Time Problems

  1. Hello – my mummy just read me this and I wanted to tell you about my super bath seat which I use in the big bath upstairs. It’s super – mummy clicks the bar up once I’m in so I don’t fall out and then mummy and I can both play with my toys and I can’t slip over. Anyway – just thought I would mention. Love Finley.

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