Finger Food

For many months now, I have been picking things up, and putting them in my mouth. In the beginning, I used my whole hand to get objects in there. This worked well except that it was necessary for me to put my entire fist in my mouth. Now that I’m a big girl, I have learned the pincer grasp and I am able to get objects into my mouth much more efficiently.

Ever since I’ve learned this skill, I have been looking for small things to pincer. Bits of tissue, lint, and hair, both loose and some still attached to mommy, are good objects to practice my pincering on. Mommy doesn’t mind me touching these things, but for some inexplicable reason, she tries to stop me from putting them in my mouth.

This is one of those rare times where mommy and I disagree. What is the point of even having hands if I can’t use them to stuff things in my mouth? It doesn’t make any sense to me so I ignore mommy’s instructions to leave things be. I’m generally a very good girl but sometimes a baby just needs to go their own way.

Baby in a high chair

What’s on the menu today?

Imagine my surprise when one day, while I was in my high chair, mommy placed a small, coloured disc in front of me. I got my trusty pincer grasp around it in no time. I looked at mommy and saw her looking back at me. I was certain this was a test or trick of some sort. I just couldn’t resist and popped the coloured disc into my mouth.

Turns out that the surprising part was just getting started. The strange disc melted in my mouth into a flavour! This was so unexpected that I wasn’t even sure if I liked it. Mommy placed a second disc in front of me and I eyed it with suspicion. After a moment of hesitation, I had it in my grasp and then in my mouth. The second one melted too!

That was my first experience with self feeding. I’m practically an expert now and I have tried several different finger foods. I ate biscuits, fruits, and even bits of egg all by myself. But the coloured discs are my favourite. At first the flavour seemed a bit strange and I didn’t really love them, but my hands kept putting the strange little discs in my mouth and the taste grew on me.

Baby Gourmet Mushies come in 3 flavours

Three yummy flavours!

The coloured discs are called Mushies and they are made by Baby Gourmet. They come in three different flavours and I like them all. There is the fruity greens flavour, the banana beetberry, and the banana berry greek yogurt. They make an excellent snack and they are the perfect outlet for my pincering needs.

Mommy likes that they are organic and contain no artificial colours or flavours. You don’t need a degree in chemistry to understand the items listed in the ingredients. These little snacks aren’t full of processed sugar like some of the other baby biscuits out there. Mommy feels good about this snack and I can finally practice my pincer grasp without having to hide lint and bits of tissue in my balled up fists.


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