Unspoken Words

My mommy loves me. I know it’s true because she takes care of me, and because she tells me that she loves me every day. I love mommy too, but does she know? Mommy doesn’t need me to take care of her, and when I try to say the words, they just don’t come out sounding right. I’m not big enough for words yet.

I hope mommy knows by the little things I do to show her how I feel. My ways are subtle and delicate but I believe that I am being clear. I don’t think it’s necessary to be loud and overbearing to get my feelings across. Sometimes the precise timing of the little things makes the biggest impact.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be loud sometimes. Being loud makes playtime more fun. My shrieks, yelps, and giggles add to the thrill of my rambunctious activities. Being loud is also useful in getting my needs addressed quickly. There is no ignoring my yowl. The expression of love however, requires a softer touch.

Smiling baby

I love my mommy!

Every morning I wake up in my crib and I wait for mommy to come and get me. I hear the door opening and the next thing I know, mommy is standing over my crib. As soon as I see her, I give her my biggest smile and I kick my feet as hard as I can.

I really put some muscle into those kicks. I kick my feet so hard that my arms go up and down with every kick. I do it to show mommy that I missed her and that I’m excited to see her. That’s one small way that I show mommy that I love her.

I get lots of playtime throughout the day. I love to play! Playtime is the most fun when mommy plays with me. My favourite is when we sit on the floor together and play with my toys. Mommy comes up with the best games and she makes funny voices for my stuffed animals.

I get mommy’s full attention when we play together and it’s a good time to for my subtle cues. I pick up one of my toys, I look at mommy and give her my extra big grin, and I give her my toy. That’s just a little gift to show mommy how I feel.

In the evening I like to watch tv on the couch with mommy. I’m a big girl and I like to sit up all by myself. Every once in a while, I gently lean on mommy and rest my head on her. Mommy knows that means I would like to snuggle and she wraps her arms around me. This is one of my favourite ways to tell mommy that I love her.

Babies may not get the words right, but we do have our own way to communicate. If you pay attention to the little things, your baby will speak to you in their own special way. Without a word those little gestures say “I love you” loud and clear.

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October 18, 2016
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October 23, 2016

20 thoughts on “Unspoken Words

  1. How sweet! You’re so right. Babies show their love for us in small ways every day. I remember those days when my littles would grin first thing in the morning. That was always a fun time. Thanks so much for joining the #happynowlinkup!

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    • I think that as a mom to an infant, the relationship can feel very one sided. We love them so much and we work so hard to make them happy and ensure they are healthy and safe. In return we get a fussy baby who’s too sleepy to even make eye contact or unexplained crying. This post is meant to point out that if we calm down and pay attention, babies do tell us that they love and appreciate us in their own subtle little ways. And you’re right, sometimes those little gestures can be much more powerful than words. Thanks for reading.


  2. Aww this is very cute! My daughter did the same things as you when she was a baby. Now she’s a bit older she does different things like giving me a little kiss or sharing a half-chewed raisin. When you get older remember: mummies love kisses but prefer a raisin you’ve not put in your mouth! #KCACOLS

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  3. Beautiful, gentle way of describing a babies feelings. And such a lovely picture! I love it how they kick with excitement! It is so important that mummy’s, when tired out and sometimes struggling…to recognise that love and how much they need us. Such a warming sentiment. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday x

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    • Thank you. I love those kicks too! Although they sometimes make bath time and diaper changes difficult to accomplish successfully. Still worth it. Thanks for reading.


    • They’re so much easier to cuddle before they get mobile. Now that Peachy has discovered that she can get from point A to point B, she’s usually trying to wiggle away from me. But I can still get some good snuggles when she gets tired. I’m just not always patient and Peachy yells at me if I try to hold her back from her adventures. Thanks for visiting.


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