Peachy Gives a Yoga Lesson

Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. I keep fitness in mind by being active and squeezing exercise into my routine whenever I can. I am a very busy baby with many projects on the go and it isn’t always easy to make time for a workout. Sometimes you just have to be creative to make the most of your time.

When I’m on the changing table, waiting for mommy to get a clean diaper ready for me, I take the opportunity to do some stretches. During bath time, I make the most of every minute with some vigorous bicycle kicks. While I’m taking my well-earned break on the living room recliner, I like to do a bit of yoga.

Yoga is great exercise and fun too. Everyone should make an effort to incorporate some yoga into their fitness routine. Allow me to share a couple of my favourite yoga poses with you so that you can partake in this excellent activity. Your body will thank you for it.

baby doing funny stretches

I’m reaching for the sun!

The first pose that I want to demonstrate for you I call “Reaching for the Sun”. Step one is to find yourself a comfy place to sit. Next, you throw yourself to your right as if your body is a sack of potatoes. Now you look up, and reach your left hand up towards the sky. Hold that pose until your hand goes numb, then repeat on the other side.

The second move that I want to show you is actually two poses in one. For this one, you will need a flat surface that you can lay down on. Stretch out on your back making yourself as long as you can. Next, quickly pull both feet in as close to your body as possible. This is the first pose of this two-step maneuver. I call it “The Pretzel”.

Funny baby stretches

Transitioning to the second pose.

While in “The Pretzel” pose, grab onto your toes. Starting with the left leg, start straightening it out. Make sure you have a firm grasp on your foot as it may try to get away. Stretch and hold the position for as long as you can maintain your hold on your toes, and then repeat with the other leg. I call this pose “Want to See My Foot?”.

There you have three basic yoga poses that any beginner should be able to perfect in no time at all. Make sure that you do your stretches before you begin. It’s important to warm up those muscles prior to any strenuous activity. Don’t forget, a body in motion stays in motion, so get up and get fit.

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10 thoughts on “Peachy Gives a Yoga Lesson

  1. My Amelia has just started toddler gymnastics and these poses come up quite a lot when she decides listening is boring and running around jumping on all of the cool springy things and flopping around on the floor is a much better time to spend her pre paid for hour of learning! Haha #fridayfrolics

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s cute. I’m sure she means well. I’m surprised to hear that her class is an hour. In my circle of friends toddler classes are usually shorter. I assume it’s due to the fact that little people have limited attention spans. Thanks for reading.


  2. Aww, this really reminds me of how ridiculously proud I was when Rian found his feet! And I was impressed at how much of them he could shove in his mouth! Thanks for linking up to #chucklemums

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m still impressed by how much foot Peachy can get in her mouth. If I attempted that I’m quite certain that I would need to be rushed to the hospital. Thanks for visiting.


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