A New Friend

I made a new friend! She is a girl, like me, and her name is Emily. She has dark eyes and curly orange hair that she wears tucked up under a hat. Emily is a happy girl, which is evident by the smile on her face, and she makes me happy too.

Emily wears her hat every day, and she pairs it with a matching dress, striped tights, and pink shoes. Wherever she goes, Emily brings her toys along and she doesn’t mind sharing them with me. My friend is only about 12 inches tall, which isn’t very big. I’m bigger than Emily and that’s unusual because I’m usually the smallest person in the room.

Emily may be a doll, but that doesn’t make her any less fun. She comes with two click clack rings in her hand, and a fun rattle around her neck. I really enjoy the rattle. It has an interesting flower shape with a different coloured ball in each petal that I can see moving about when I shake it.

Baby with the Lamaze My Friend Emily doll

See the colours in there?

One of my favourite things about Emily is the bit of curly hair under her hat, and the curls on her feet. You can pull them straight all you want, but they always bounce back to curly as soon as you let go. I don’t know that works, but it sure is fun.

Emily has a crinkle edge on the bottom of her dress, and the undersides of her feet crinkle too. There are all sorts of different textures and colours all over my doll that I can explore. Emily is soft and fun to cuddle with when I get tired from too much playtime.

The My Friend Emily doll is a Lamaze brand toy. Lamaze toys can be on the pricey side, but it is possible to find a good deal if you shop around and wait for sales. If you’re looking for a new pal, Emily may be a good match for you.


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