Too Hot to Fuss

I was born in the cold month of December. It was quite chilly, especially compared to what I was used to. Mommy and daddy kept the house toasty warm for me, and we spent most of our time indoors. In those early days, my only knowledge of summer was based on what mommy told me.

Mommy said that warm days were coming and then we would go outside and have all sorts of adventures. I do like to have adventures and I was eager for the day when summer would arrive. What mommy failed to mention, is how hot it would be!

The other day mommy took me out in the yard for some outdoor rolling around time. The moment we stepped outside, a wave of hot and sticky air engulfed me. It was downright uncomfortable! I told mommy that we should go back inside where it’s nice and cool, but mommy insisted that some fresh air would do us good. I didn’t even see any fresh air out there!

Baby outdoors holding ivy

How are you staying cool?

Mommy was insistent that we give it a try, and since mommy does all the walking for us, I had little choice but to go along with the plan. Even though mommy put our blanket down by the fence where the shade is the most reliable, I still found it quite uncomfortable. I wanted to grumble and insist that we go back inside, but it just too hot to fuss.

It really was a very hot and humid day! We didn’t end up rolling around all that much. For the most part, we just relaxed on our blanket looking up at the clouds together. If I lay very still, I could feel a slight breeze which made it not quite so uncomfortable. After a while, I started to get used to the heat and I perked up a little.

As we lounged there together, mommy told me all about pools. When I get a little older, mommy will buy me a pool to splash in. Then I’ll be able to cool off on these hot days. I would like to see what these pools are all about. It seems that a pool could make a hot day a lot more bearable.

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