Keeping Busy

Guess what I have. A new toy! Happy day! I really like this one too. Unlike most of my other toys, this one isn’t trying to trick me into learning a new skill. No reason to get frustrated with this toy. It’s easy to play with and fun to look at.

My new toy is called a Busy Ball and it is made by Alex. It is round, as you have to be in order to be called a ball. My Busy Ball is soft like a plush toy. That’s nice because sooner or later all of my toys bonk me on the head. The Busy Ball is covered in fun patterns and different colours which are nice to explore.

If you look more closely, you begin to notice that this toys has some rather unusual and hidden features. It has three loops on one side which make this ball easy to hold. Roll it a little, and there are another three handholds hiding there. These are strange long things that I haven’t fully figured out yet.

Baby with a Alex Busy Ball

What do you suppose these are?

All of these protrusions make it fun and easy to grab onto the Busy Ball. I like to hold it tight and wave it over my head. This is when those head bonks I told you about tend to happen! But that’s not a problem with the Busy Ball. This is also when the secret feature is unleashed. The Busy Ball makes a rattle sound! I love it when my toys make noise. That’s how you know you’re playing with them correctly.

I also like to use the protruding parts of my Busy Ball to chew on. My gums feel funny all the time and chewing on certain things helps them feel better. I wonder what’s going on in my mouth. I’ve had this funny feeling for some time and it doesn’t look like it’s going away. Sometimes it even hurts a little. The only thing that helps is to chew on things. I prefer rubbery things or fabrics. Those help the most.

My Busy Ball is lots of fun and I think you should get one too. It’s great for play around the house and it works just as well on the go. Mommy lets me take it with me wherever I go because if it gets dirty, she just throws it in the washing machine and it comes out looking like new. The Busy Ball makes both of us happy.


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