Behind the Curtain

There is a most bizarre room in mommy and daddy’s bathroom. It’s the tiniest room I’ve ever seen. Even smaller than the closet I discovered! It doesn’t even have a door. To get into this tiny room, all you have to do is pull back a curtain.

I’ve never been inside this room before, but it’s so small that I don’t see anything worth exploring in there. But the existence of a tiny room tucked away in a bathroom isn’t so strange. What is mind-boggling, is that every once in a while mommy goes into this room, closes the curtain, and stands there for a while. What is she doing in there?

I have only seen mommy go into the strange little room when the two of us are home alone. Is she hiding this activity from daddy? She is certainly not hiding it from me. Every time mommy goes into the tiny room, she brings me into the bathroom with her.

Baby in a bassinet

What’s mommy doing in there?

When I see mommy rolling my old bassinet into the bathroom, I know she will be going into the little room again. She puts me in there and parks me right outside the little room. Then she goes in and pulls the curtain closed. If that wasn’t strange enough, most of the time that mommy is in the tiny room, I swear that I can hear the sound of running water.

While I wait for mommy to come back out again, I watch the shadows on the curtain, or I play with the toys mommy left for me in the bassinet. Sometimes I get impatient and I fuss. That makes mommy pop her head out from behind the curtain. It makes me feel better when I can see mommy. But then she pulls her head back in and I can’t see her again.

If I can’t see mommy, I’m not sure if she’s still there. If I start thinking about that, I get worried and I whine a little. Mommy talks to me from behind the curtain and that helps a bit. Sometimes mommy sings to me and I like that. It helps the time go by faster while I wait for mommy to come back from the little room. My favourite is the Peach-a-dee song.

You’re my peach-a-dee

Cutest little peach that I ever did see.

My peach-a-dee, my peach-a-dee

You’re my peach-a-dee

Sweetest little peach there ever could be.

My peach-a-dee, my peach-a-dee

My little peach-a-dee


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