In the Closet

I like to play in mommy and daddy’s bedroom. They have a big bed that’s perfect for rolling around in. There are a lot of pretty things to look at. There is even a tv in the corner. Best of all, mommy and daddy’s bedroom has a door which leads to a very special secret room.

For the first few months, I never even noticed the door tucked away in the far corner of the room. It never occurred to me that it might be a door at all. One day, while mommy and I were playing in the bed, mommy jumped up, scooped me into her arms, and opened the mysterious door.

Baby in yellow shirt

What will I find in the secret room?

One step forward and we found ourselves in a dark chamber. At first I was a little bit frightened, but mommy was there to hold me tight, and soon my curiosity took over. Mommy flipped a switch and the lights came on. Revealed before me was a small room packed full of treasures! Mommy said this room of wonders is called a closet.

There were all sorts of colours and shiny things to look at. More things to see than my eyes could handle. It was overwhelming, but also exciting and interesting. Three walls worth of hanging cloth, with shelves above piled with riches, and colourful boxes stacked on the floor below. Literally floor to ceiling packed with wonder.

I reached out my hands towards the hanging things and mommy took a step towards them to let me explore. I dove right in, touching everything I could reach. There were so many textures to experience! Smooth and silky things, coarse patterns, fluffy stuff, sequins, buttons, and tassels. Some seemed familiar, and others were like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Mommy turned this way and that way to let me explore from all angles. Behind the door was a long bag with a zipper, on a hook of its own. It seemed special somehow and I reached out for it. Mommy pulled down the zipper and out popped a big white thing with beads and lace on the top and a cascade of ruffles on the bottom. What a marvel is this?

Bridal gown with red rose bouquet

That’s what I saw! How did it get there?

Then we sat down on the ground and mommy pulled out one of the colourful boxes. She removed the lid and put the box down in front of me. I looked in and saw that it was full of long strips of different leathers and plastics. Each had a shiny buckle on the end. What strange things are these? I got my hands in there and felt each of the slender strips. They were all different colours and textures.

Mommy pulled out another box. This one was bigger and full of fabric. Some pieces were long rectangles and others are large squares. Many had colourful patterns but some were solid coloured. They were very smooth to touch. They looked different but they felt very similar to each other. I wonder what they are for.

Mommy put the boxes away and said that it was time for my nap. We’ll have to go back another day to explore the rest of this secret room. I had a lot of fun discovering this treasure trove. I can’t wait until our next trip to this hidden closet of riches.

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August 24, 2016
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9 thoughts on “In the Closet

    • When I was around 3 I sprained my ankle trying on my mom’s shoes. She told me not to put them on but they were so pretty that I couldn’t resist. Thanks for reading.


    • Since everything is new to babies, I imagine they have little opportunity for boredom. Our closet isn’t huge but it’s big enough to get in there and close the door. Honestly, the bigger your closet, the more junk you hold on to that you’re never going to wear anyway. Thanks for visiting.


  1. So cute! Little ones love colours and textures so I bet going into a closet was an absolute delight. I never tried that with my daughter (although we don’t have a walk-in closet) and now she’s 19 months it would just end in clothes thrown everywhere…


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