Sunny Villain

There’s something in my eye! Now it’s in both eyes! It’s making my eyes hurt. Somebody help me! Oh wait, that’s just the sun. I’ve got the sun in my eye!

Baby squinting at the sun

Oh no! It’s happening again!

I love going on outdoor adventures. When the weather is nice, mommy and I like to go exploring in the neighbourhood. Sometimes we take a stroll around the block. If we’re up for a longer walk, we to the store. Other times we head to the park and watch the big kids play.

When we’re out exploring, mommy pushes me in the stroller. One moment I’m rolling along having a blast, then I turn a corner and when I least expect it, the sun hits me right in the face. My eyes get all squinty and I can’t see where I am. That’s no fun at all! Why does the sun try to suck all the enjoyment out of our excursions?

The sun is up to its tricks close to home as well. Sometimes mommy and daddy bring me to the yard and they let me explore things with my hands. I like to touch new things. While I’m busy exploring, the sun creeps up on me. When I turn around, there it is again with its relentless assault.

Lykaestria / Wikimedia Commons

Watch out! It’s going to get you!

I try everything I can think of to fight back. I get rigid as a board and I arch my back. Then I change tactics and squirm as hard as I can. I let loose with my arms and legs and send them flailing. But it has no effect! The sun seems impervious to me. It’s almost as if the sun is oblivious to my existence.

Time to pull out all the stops and give it all I’ve got. Time to fuss like I’ve never fussed before. I fuss and fuss with all my might. I’m very vocal with my displeasure, but the sun still persists. Fussing works on just about everything else. Why does the sun not understand me?

Sometimes help is closer than we know. Mommy was listening and she does understand me. She brings me my hat with the wide brim and puts it on my head. Like magic, the sun backs off and I can see again. Mommy is a superhero. Even the sun knows not to mess with mommy.

Run Jump Scrap!
September 14, 2016

6 thoughts on “Sunny Villain

  1. Hahah this is bringing back the memories except we got this in the car!!! Used to drive me mad. I was like “darling, I can’t control the sun!!” whilst she went mental having a tantrum in the back. One day they will appreciate the sunny weather as much as we do! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    Liked by 1 person

    • We have that problem in the car as well. I bought one of those shades that you stick to the glass but the thing falls off on really hot days. Now I’m terrified that it’s going to fall on my baby and smother her. I’m probably overreacting but I can’t help it. Thanks for stopping by.


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