Piano Lessons

I play the piano and I’m pretty good at it too! I like to practice my skills during my afternoon playtime. I take playtime very seriously. It may look like fun and games to the untrained eye, but there is important work going on. Some of my greatest discoveries occurred during playtime.

I have been a music enthusiast from the first days of my life. Mommy and daddy played music for me from the beginning and I always found it calming. Sometimes mommy sings for me too. I especially like the songs mommy made up just for me such as our Good Morning Song, The Bath Time Song, and The Hootie Fuss-Fish Song.

It was only a matter of time before I picked up an instrument and started making music of my own. My favourite instrument is the Monkey Band Music Center made by Vtech. The main component is the piano, but it includes a guitar and drum section for a richer, more well rounded musical experience.

Baby with the Vtech Monkey Band Music Center

Would you like me to play for you?

Sounds, lights, and colours are important features to me. My Monkey Band Music Center has all three of these attributes. Each key is a different colour, plays a different sound, and lights up too. For additional enjoyment, the drum and guitar sections have some sounds of their own.

The drum section of the music center is manned by the yellow bird. Tapping the drum plays sounds and melodies. Of course the Monkey Band Music Center needs a monkey. You find him playing the guitar. Twisting him left or right causes the monkey to talk and play music.

My piano has two modes of play. I prefer the musical mode which makes the light up keys function as a piano should. Press one of the colourful keys and it plays a note. When I’m tired of practicing my piano playing, I do enjoy the second function. In this mode, pressing the keys causes the animals pictured on them to introduce themselves and talk about the instruments they have.

The Monkey Band Music Center can be purchased directly on the Canadian Vtech site. My mommy found mine at Toys R Us when it was on sale which made it even less expensive. The Monkey Band Music Center is on the US version of the Vtech site but it doesn’t seem to provide the option to purchase from them directly. Our visitors outside of Canada will have to do a little bit of searching to find their own Monkey Band Music Center. It is well worth the trouble.

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