Rolling Around Some More

This week I overcame adversity and reached a new milestone. That’s another one of those baby development markers that parents are always watching for to make sure their babies are on track. It didn’t seem like a big deal to me, but mommy was very excited about it.

Happy giggling baby

Another milestone reached!

It happened while mommy and I were doing our rolling around time in mommy and daddy’s bed. Once again, mommy had tricked me into tummy time. Luckily we hadn’t been at it very long and I was still feeling strong. I decided to put my abundant energy to some use and try something different. I wiggled and kicked until I got my right arm all the way underneath myself, and then I rolled onto my right shoulder.

This is when mommy started getting excited. I found this to be a strange reaction because at this point, I was starting to feel a little stuck. My tush was weighing down the lower half of my body leaving me to lay there in a twisted and uncomfortable fashion. My strength was beginning to fail me and I couldn’t get my right arm back over to my right side. I was sure that I was stuck!

That’s when mommy got involved. She pulled out a toy and held it in front of my hands, but just out of reach. I really wanted that toy. It’s one of my favourites! I dug deep into my energy reserves and, with some huffing and puffing plus a loud grunt, I lunged forward with my shoulders. This caused my left hip to come up off the mattress and I turned onto my right side. From there it was easy to go the rest of the way and roll all the way to my back.

Baby sucking on her finger

Could I use this to my advantage?

Mommy was so happy. I have been rolling from my back to either side with ease for several months. I have even managed to roll onto my tummy a few times. Entirely by accident of course. I would never chose to be on my tummy on purpose. But this was the first time I managed to roll from tummy to back all by myself. Perhaps this is a good thing to learn. Maybe if I can master that maneuver, I’ll never have to do tummy time again!


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