It’s Ruined!

I told myself that I would never write a negative review. My mommy tells me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. I have been applying this principle to my reviews. However, there is a matter that has been on my mind and I can’t stay silent any longer.

I feel that this complaint is justified simply because it pertains to a review I already did. Since posting my original review, something has changed and I no longer endorse this product. I don’t want to lead people astray. I must set the record straight.

The product in question is an app. It was my favourite game to play and I am bitterly disappointed that Edujoy Appquiz has made these changes. My beloved Baby Balloons is ruined! We spent many wonderful morning together. I rarely play it now. I will miss you Baby Balloons.

Baby Balloons game by Edujoy Appquiz.

Goodbye Baby Balloons. I will miss you.

What makes it even more heartbreaking is that the game itself is still the same. The change is that there are now ads that pop up while I’m trying to play. They pop up often and cover the entire screen. These ads pop us so frequently that they make it hard to get into the game.

Popping balloons is serious business and I don’t like it when an ad pops up just as I’m focusing on my important balloon popping. I don’t know how to close them to get back to my balloons either. I have to fuss until mommy understands and comes to fix it. Mommy doesn’t like the ads either because she has to keep coming over to make them go away.

I don’t understand why these ads have been added. Mommy tells me that the game is free and the people who worked very hard on it have to make money somehow. That’s fair enough, but don’t they know that babies have no money? Mommy has money but she spends no time looking at these ads. She is too busy desperately trying to get them off the screen as quickly as she can to make me happy again.

Puzzled baby

I don’t have any money.

There must be better ways for the hard-working folks to make their money. Maybe they should consider placing their ads at the beginning, when mommy can pay attention to them while she sets up my game for me. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

There could be paid upgrades and extra features. Right now there are the plain balloons and the letters and numbers mode. If there were other ones that could teach me thing like colours or shapes, I am sure that mommy would buy them for me. Mommy buys me all sorts of things to help me learn. Then money could be made and I could keep playing my favourite game.  I don’t want to say goodbye to Baby Balloons.


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