A Friend Indeed

I have wronged a friend. All this time I have been telling you about all the nice things in my world, but I have failed to mentioned one of my oldest and dearest buddies. This is simply unforgivable. How could I have made such an error?

The first friend I ever made was Pink Elephant, and I told you all about our friendship. Shortly after, I made my second friend, but I never told you about that. This injustice must be made right promptly. I would like you to meet one of my best friends, Cora, the smart cub.

Baby with Vtech Cuddle and Sing Cora doll

There’s nothing to fear when Cora is near.

Cora’s full name is Cuddle and Sing Cora and it is written on her shirt so that you’ll never forget. Cora is a pink bear cub with a smiling face, outstretched arms, and a beautiful singing voice. I love Cora! I have loved her from the moment we first met. Her friendly smile is simply irresistible.

My friend Cora sings and talks too. Her two front pockets are buttons which light up when pressed and make Cora sing. The zipper also gets Cora talking. I’m not completely sure how buttons work, but I am starting to figure it out and I can sometimes get Cora to sing me a song. For the first six months or so, mommy and daddy would press the buttons for me.

It’s impossible to fuss when looking at Cora’s bright eyes and delightful smile. That’s why Cora is a permanent fixture in my car seat. She comes with me for all my adventures. Cora is great entertainment on the go, and it comforts me to know that Cora is there with me if I need to have a nap.

Cuddle and Sing Cora was born at Vtech. Cora has a brother named Cody and he is a blue bear cub. Cora and Cody are cute and cuddly. Everyone should have a Cora or a Cody in their lives. We could all use more friends.


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