I’m a Hoot

Over the past few months, I have been expanding my vocabulary. I have noticed that other people make a variety of sounds and I want to participate. Before I can join in, I need to refine my skills and that requires plenty of practice. I have been making good use of my spare time by working on my skills at home.

I can make many sounds already and I’m discovering new ones all the time. My favourites include the one that sounds like”pea-you” and the one that makes a “bvvv” noise. I can make squeal sounds too. I like to make them as loud, and high-pitched as possible.

Infant talking

Practice makes perfect

I enjoy loudly blowing raspberries into the air. It’s really fun and sends drool flying. Mommy always wipes the drool off my face with a tissue. I don’t like that. The only time I like tissues near my face is when I’m trying to taste them.

Some of my sounds are just for fun, but others I have assigned meaning to. When I want something and mommy isn’t paying attention, I let out a loud but short yell while I reach out my hands. I have an angry yell too! If I’m excited, I make gasp sounds while kicking my feet. When I feel fussy, I hoot like an owl. Sometimes I hoot a lot.

I hoot when I’m hungry. I hoot when I’m bored. But mostly, I hoot when I’m sleepy. Sometimes I hoot for a long while. Then my hoots turn into moans and I fall asleep. It’s at those times that mommy calls me her hootie fuss-fish. Mommy even made up a song about the hottie fuss-fish. It’s a funny song. Mommy sings it when I hoot, and sometimes she sings it just for fun. It makes me laugh.

I’m a hootie, kind of fuss fish.

I hoot and I hoot and I fuss, fuss, fuss.

I’m a hootie, kind of fuss fish.

I hoot and I hoot like a grumpy gus.

I’m a hootie, kind of fuss fish.

I fuss and I fuss and I hoot, hoot, hoot.

I’m a hootie, kind of fuss fish.

I fuss and I fuss and I hoot to boot.


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