Having a Ball

I have a new toy! This time it’s a simple toy, but sometimes it’s the simple things that bring us surprising joy. This toy has no flashing lights and it doesn’t play music. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but it’s full of activities to keep me busy exploring for some time.

My new toy is the Clack & Slide Activity Ball made by Bright Starts. This toy is super easy for my little hands to hold on to. Recently I discovered the fun of waving objects in the air around me, and this toy makes it easy to do that. I just grab on and start swinging.

Baby playing with the Clack & Slide Activity Ball by Bright Starts

Do you like my new toy?

This Bright Starts activity ball has six slider bars around the outside. Two are textured for a different kind of fun. Another two have coloured discs that slide freely on the bars. One has a mirror which also slides. Unfortunately, this mirror is much too small to spot the baby in the mirror, but it is shiny, and that’s nice to look at. The last one is my favourite. It has a sliding caterpillar on it. There is a larger bead for the head, and three smaller beads for the body. I like to experiment with those beads a lot.

The six slider bars are only a part of the fun. There are colours, textures, and sounds to stimulate the senses. This activity ball also has a spinning rattle ball on the top. I like to look inside it and see all the colourful balls move around in there.

The very best part of this toy is in the center. Right in the middle is a happy green frog. I like to reach in and touch him. To do that, I have to figure out a way to navigate through the six outer slider bars. It may look easy, but it’s harder than it seems when you’re a little person like me.


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