Don’t Poke Me

This month I had my six month checkup with my doctor. I like my doctor, she is a nice lady, but I don’t like the nurses. They are mean people. Every time I go to an appointment, the nurses manhandle me with all their weighing and measuring. If that wasn’t bad enough, at the end of it all, they poke me with needles! The nerve of some people!

I’ve been to many appointments in my short life. It’s routine to carefully monitor a baby’s development. I’m doing very well and my growth is right on track. I’m very healthy! Each appointment requires a weigh in and for my measurements to be taken. I don’t like it, but I guess I can accept that. The last three appointments involved needles, and that is more difficult to cope with.

It all began at my two month appointment. That’s when a nurse first attacked me with needles. There were two needles and they hurt. I cried a little but mommy and daddy were there to comfort me. I’m a tough girl and it didn’t take long for me to settle down once the shock of it wore off. Before we left, mommy fed me some strange gel out of a syringe too. That wasn’t so bad. I ate most of it.

Infant with hands clasped together

Please, no more needles!

My next appointment was at four months and there were another two needles and more strange gel to eat. This time it was even worse. There were two nurses and they attacked me with both needles at once. Because both the nurses were crowding around me, I couldn’t see mommy and daddy and that made me cry even more. I hate those nurses! They left right after the attack and mommy and daddy were able to comfort me.

The last appointment was my six month checkup and it was a little different, and much better than the previous one. This time there was only one needle, one nurse, and no gel to be eaten. Mommy stood next to me the whole time and daddy was nearby too. Right at the moment when the nurse started coming at me, mommy pulled out my friendly lion. I had no idea he was there with us! It made me smile. I didn’t even flinch when the needle poked me. If I have to get any more needles, I hope they go as well as the last one.

My next checkup will happen when I’m nine months old. Mommy found this handy online tool which creates a schedule of all the needles that I can expect. You can find out your schedule here. This website is operated by the government of Canada and the schedule is tailored to the province you live in. If you’re outside of Canada, you won’t be able to customize it to your location. It looks like there won’t be any needles at my nine month appointment. That’s a relief!


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