Prunes Please

Most of my food is homemade. Mommy simply purees my food in the blender or food processor. Mommy likes to know exactly what is going into my tummy. It seems easy enough and mommy saves a lot of money too. More money in the bank, means more toys for me.

There are a couple of exceptions where I get store-bought foods. I already told you about my favourite oatmeal. Today I would like to tell you about another one of these exceptions, prune baby food by Plum Organics. It’s our favourite weapon when battling my awkward little secret.

Plum Organics Prune stage 1 baby food

That’s the stuff

We always keep some of these convenient pouches in our pantry. They have been invaluable to us on those days when my tummy needs a little help to get things moving along. These pouches have a long shelf life compared to fresh fruit and vegetables, which makes them easy to store for those tummy emergencies. Plum Organics prune baby food works like a charm. I can confidently explore new food options knowing that my prunes are conveniently at hand.

Mommy loves the super short ingredients list which consists of only two items; water and organic prunes. Mommy also likes that it is organic. None of that matters to me. My only concern is the taste and my Plum Organics prune baby food passes my taste test. I love it mixed into my oatmeal, but it’s pretty good on its own too.

Infant sitting with support

I could go for some prunes

Plum Organics makes many different flavours of food for babies, tots, and kids. For now, I’m only interested in the baby food category. Their baby food is designed for various stages of baby mealtime exploration. The prune baby food is part of the stage 1 line which consists of single fruit or vegetable purees. Along with the prune, I have also tried the mango flavour, which was quite tasty as well. Maybe mommy will let me try some of the other flavours too.


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