I Love That Spider

I’m a couch potato. That’s what mommy tells me. I like to sit on the couch and watch TV. Apparently, that’s what potatoes do. You would suppose that I would love to eat potatoes since I have so much in common with them. You would suppose incorrectly. Potatoes in my mouth make me cry.

Infant sitting on the couch propped up by pillows

I am a couch potato

I like to watch The Price is Right, but that only comes on once per day. I often miss it because I’m still sleeping. A growing baby needs a good night’s sleep. I’m also not very good at telling time.

Mommy came up with a great alternative that is quickly becoming a new favourite of mine. Mommy found this on YouTube so I watch it on the tablet. A tablet is like a baby sized TV. A TV made just for me! I like the tablet. Not only can I watch my new show on it, I can also play my favourite app.

This video is a collection of nursery rhymes made by Little Baby Bum. The colourful animation and cute songs make me smile. Mommy lets me watch it after breakfast. There are several versions on YouTube but I like this one best.

Some of my favourites parts are the 5 Little Ducks, BINGO, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. When those songs come on I just can’t stop the grin on my face. Mommy likes the ones with numbers, letters, colours, and shapes. She says they are educational. I think they’re pretty good too, but they’re no Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Most days mommy gets one of the songs stuck in her head. Then she sings the song over and over all afternoon. It’s funny. Mommy especially likes to sing the songs while she’s cleaning in the kitchen. Sometimes I recognize what mommy is singing and I try to join in. It never sounds quite the same when I do it.


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