Hosting The Price is Right

My favourite show

My favourite show

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my favourite show is The Price is Right. You might also know that mommy and I have a disagreement about the host of The Price is Right. Mommy thinks Bob Barker was a better host, and I like the show with Drew Carey. You can read about our disagreement here. Don’t forget to share your opinion by casting your vote on our poll.

Mommy and I have finally found some common ground on this issue. We think we’ve found the perfect host for The Price is Right. Tom Bergeron! We both agree that Tom would be a perfect addition to the show.

Tom Bergeron

I like Tom Bergeron from AFV. That show has all sorts of colours and sound effects too. Maybe not as many as The Price is Right, but it’s a fairly decent show. I also like looking at faces I’ve never seen before and AFV definitely has that. Tom’s face is the only one I know.

Mommy likes Tom Bergeron from Dancing with the Stars. That’s a pretty good show too. All the music is nice, but it has a bit too much boring talking for my liking. And it’s mainly the same faces doing all the talking. What were they thinking?

As a host, Tom Bergeron is calm and collected. Mommy points out that Dancing with the Stars is a live show. Unexpected things happen on live shows and Tom has proven his ability to think on his feet. We both agree that Tom Bergeron could do a great job on The Price is Right.

What do you think? Should The Price is Right give Tom Bergeron a chance? Are you a Drew Carey fan? Are you a strict Bob Barker fan and nobody else will do? Or is there someone else you think should take over? Here’s another poll for you to share your thoughts with us. 

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