Hello internet world!

Mommy says I’m old enough to start my very own blog. Finally! I’m so excited! Mommy says that I’m very much aware of my likes and dislikes and I like to express them loud and clear. Mommy is right!

I’m on the internet!

My mommy calls me her little peach. Mommy says I’m small, sweet, and covered in fuzz. Sometimes she calls me Peachy. I think that has a nice ring to it. I suppose that must be my name.

We have so much catching up to do! I have much to tell you about my first few months of life. I met mommy, daddy, and a whole group of people I don’t know yet. I observed that the two fur balls around here are living critters. Mommy calls them cats. I discovered that these hands in front of me are actually mine. For the first few months they seemed to have a mind of their own and they kept bashing me in the face! But I think I got them mostly under control now. What a journey it’s been!

I can’t wait to tell you about all my adventures, and I’m sure there are many more to come. I hope you’ll stick around and read about the life of this little peach.


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