Catch Me If You Can

I have invented a new game. It’s really quite an ingenious game and I’m very proud of myself for coming up with the idea. I’m such a clever Peach. I’m also a generous Peach and I want to share my invention with the world.

The game is called Catch Me If You Can and the rules are simple. It’s a two person game with two distinct roles to play. One person runs away and the second person chases them. I like to play the part of the person doing the running away and I am very good at it.

Daddy and I have played this game a few times, but usually I play it with mommy. Since I’m not that sturdy on my feet yet, I run away on all fours. To be fair, mommy chases me on all fours too. Mommy makes it more fun by calling out “I’m going to get the baby” while she chases me and I giggle as I run away.

Mommy is a very good at chasing me and sometimes I even let mommy catch me. When I’m caught, mommy gives me kisses, snuggles, and tickles. Then she lets me go, or I escape, and the chase resumes. We race around the baby zone until mommy gets tired.

I originally invented this game in my crib. One morning when I was feeling particularly silly, mommy came to get me out of bed and I decided it would be fun to run away to the far end of the crib. I made my move just as mommy leaned in to grab me. It was funny and it made me giggle.

Mommy was clearly surprised and she repositioned herself to pick me up from my new location. As mommy leaned in to grab me, I ran to the other end of the crib. I kept dodging mommy’s grasp while mommy chased me until she finally managed to grab me. It was hilarious!

Baby sitting in a crib

I won’t run away. Honest.

I still play this trick on mommy sometimes but the game is really a lot more fun to play in the baby zone. There is a lot more room for me to really pick up some speed and I like to go fast. My crib limits me quite a bit but in the crib, I know mommy will chase me.

Today I discovered that it’s also possible to play my game in the bathtub. A few months ago this wouldn’t be possible as I was still using my baby bathtub and there is no room to run around in there. Since then I graduated to the big girl tub and I love it. I can splash around and as much as I want. It’s amazing!

Today I was having my routine bath until mommy went to wash my feet. I’m a bit ticklish and having my feet washed makes me kick and giggle. That’s when I decided to be silly and I ran to the far end of the tub as fast as I could. I sat there giggling while mommy looked at me with disapproval.

I don’t understand why mommy doesn’t approve of the Catch Me If You Can game in the bathtub. We have a nonskid mat in there. We had to install it when I realized that I like to stand in the tub and smack the wall with my wet hands. So what’s mommy worried about?

Mommy probably needs some time for the idea to grow on her. I’ll just keep trying until mommy sees how much fun it is. Don’t worry mommy. I’ll show you how much fun bath time can be. I won’t give up on you.

Shopping with Mommy

Mommy and I are shopping buddies. We have been going on shopping trips together for as long as I can remember. Most of these trips lead us to the grocery store, but occasionally we’ll end up somewhere else buying things other than food.

Sometimes daddy comes too but his time with us is limited. Daddy is much more likely to join us on shopping trips to places that are not the grocery store. Sometimes when daddy is around we go to places I’ve never been before. Shopping trips with daddy are generally more exciting but also long and exhausting.

There have been times when daddy comes grocery shopping with us. This is usually the case when we need to buy a substantial amount of groceries. That happens because we ran out of a lot of stuff all at once, mommy and I missed a shopping trip for some reason, or because we have a dinner party coming up.

We need daddy for these trips because mommy and I can only buy as much as will fit in the basked underneath my stroller. Daddy comes when we need someone to push the shopping cart so that we can load it up with groceries. At least, that was the case until today.

Last week mommy wasn’t feeling well and we didn’t go out to the grocery store. I was expecting a daddy shopping trip this week so imagine my surprise when mommy began strapping me into my car seat after breakfast this morning. I couldn’t help but wonder where we were going.

Baby in a high chair

Let’s go shopping!

I was even more surprised when we arrived at our usual grocery store and the surprises didn’t end there. Instead of getting my stroller out of the trunk, mommy simply picked me up and began to carry me inside. At first I thought that mommy simply forgot and I figured she would remember soon when she realized her hands were full of me.

The surprises kept coming. We went through the first set of doors as expected, but instead of going on into the store we stopped by the shopping carts. Mommy tossed my diaper bag into the first shopping cart and began digging around in the bag. I wondered what mommy was up to.

Suddenly mommy pulled out a large piece of padded cloth which I recognized as one of my play mats. With a flick of the wrist mommy lifted a flap which revealed two holes right in the middle of the circular play mat. Were those always there? I had never noticed.

Next mommy flipped open the basket part of the shopping cart and placed the play mat right in there. I wanted to remind mommy that’s where the bread and eggs always go but I couldn’t remember the words. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway because the next step involved putting my feet through the holes of the mat and sitting me down in the shopping cart basket! Can you imagine such a thing?

So there I was, sitting in the shopping cart with my feet dangling free, wondering what in the world mommy was up to. I didn’t have much time to ponder this as mommy quickly threaded the shopping cart’s safety harness though the play mat and around my waist. As I began to realize that I was now strapped in, mommy started pushing the cart and away we went.

It was exciting to be in motion while seeing the world from this higher vantage point. I couldn’t help but giggle. It was nothing like being in my stroller. I could see better and I could look all around me. The grocery store seemed so much bigger from this angle.

First we headed for the produce section. We went around and mommy pointed out different fruits and vegetables for me. Some I am very familiar with but some I’ve never seen or heard of before. I helped mommy pick out pears as I am a bit of a pear expert.

Next we headed for the dairy sections which is full of large refrigerators with glass doors. We bought milk, yogurt, and cheese. I helped pick the cheese. I decided on mozzarella. Before leaving this section of the store, we picked up some eggs in the last refrigerator.

Our next stop was in the meat section where we bought chicken breast and pork chops. Mommy claims I’ve had both of these things before but I don’t remember ever seeing anything like that on my plate. I tried to give the pork chops a poke but mommy wouldn’t let me touch them.

A little further on is the deli counter where we made our next stop. The ladies there were very friendly. I chatted with them for a bit while mommy got my snack out of the diaper bag. I had my favourite fruit snack that I can squeeze out of the pouch all by myself. I ate most of it while we waited for our deli meats to get sliced.

Our grocery store bakes fresh bread on site and that’s the section we headed for next. There was a man behind this counter and he talked to me while mommy picked which bread to buy. I gave him a big smile as I finished my snack. While we waited for our bread to be sliced, mommy picked up a piece of bread from the sample basket. Mommy offered me a small chunk which I took willingly but I quickly discovered that I didn’t like it.

Next we took a quick stroll through the baked goods and picked up a box of cookies. This is when I realized that I was still hungry. Mommy pulled out the emergency reserves of baby food that we keep in my diaper bag. It was a fruit and vegetable puree in another squeeze pouch. I happily fed myself as mommy wheeled us towards the freezer section.

Mommy said there was a good sale on frozen organic vegetables and that it was a great time to stock up. While mommy was busy searching for peas in the freezer, I decided to do a little experiment with my squeeze pouch. I flipped it upside down and squeezed. Mommy turned back just in time to watch the goo trickle down the front of the play mat. Fun!

Mommy grabbed the squeeze pouch and turned it right side up again. There was still plenty left inside so I ate the rest while mommy attempted to wipe the play mat. It ended up looking clean but feeling rather sticky. It wasn’t a big deal as we were almost done. We picked up a box of cereal and a package of basil and we found ourselves at the checkout counter.

The good thing about shopping during the day is that you don’t have to wait in line. As soon as we go there mommy started piling our groceries on the counter while I played with the package of basil we had picked up. The groceries were bagged, mommy paid the bill, and we left.

I rode in the shopping cart like a big girl all the way to the car. I got a really good look at the parking lot and all the cars there. By the time I was back in my car seat, I was starting to feel rather tired. Once we got home I was ready for a nice nap. Being a big girl is exhausting.

A Little Victory for a Little Peach

Guess what happened today! I have to share this with the world or I’ll burst. It’s just too exciting! I reached 500 Twitter followers! What a glorious day.

To all those who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google +, I thank you and I want you to know how much those friendships mean to me. I want to thank all the people who take the time to visit my blog, read my posts, press that like button, and leave a comment. I love checking my email every morning and seeing emails from people who have read my words. Those emails make my day and I am grateful for each one of them.

Some of you may remember when I was super excited about reaching 100 followers back in September. It was my first milestone on social media and I felt like celebrating with #APeachyParty. Now I have five times the followers and that’s five times the excitement. I think it’s time for another party!

The second instalment of #APeachyParty will be hosted on Twitter on Friday March 3rd and it’s just a tiny token of my appreciation for all of you. We’ll be starting at 4pm Eastern Time, which is my time zone here in Toronto Canada. That translates to 9pm Universal Time Coordinated or Greenwich Mean Time. Last time around there was some confusion with time zones so I found a little tool to help clear things up.

Twitter party invitation

You’re invited!

All you need to do is click here for the time zone converter. The first section is for UTC/GMT and it should already be displaying 21:00 March 3, 2017. All you need to do is scroll to the second section and select your geographic location. The time in the second section should change to the equivalent of 9pm UTC/GMT. If you’re still puzzled, send me an email and we’ll figure it out together.

Mommy and I have a lot of fun things planned and I hope you can join us. If you don’t have Twitter don’t worry, you will still be able to participate in most of the fun. There will be a special party page posted on our blog on March 3rd. You will be able to find the link in the menu ribbon right there at the top of the page. Just look for #APeachyParty on March 3rd.

What can you expect from #APeachyParty? Certainly a good time! How often do you get to party with a blogging baby? At the very least you’ll end up with a story to tell. Along with a good conversation, there will be some fun activities you’ll be able participate in, and maybe an announcement or two.

Come join @peachy_diary on Friday March 3rd and find out what #APeachyParty is all about.

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Stranger Anxiety

For the majority of my life I have been fearless. I’m the kind of person who tends to leap before looking and I mean that quite literally. I commit fully to whatever I’m doing and have little regard for consequences or personal safety. Mommy keeps telling me that I need to work on that.

I am much too busy to be concerned with such trivial matters as safety. I have so much to do! There are toys that need to be banged together, balls that require chasing, and holes that need fingers poked into them. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The life of a baby is incredibly demanding.

My world revolves around experimentation and discovery. It’s a hard job but somebody has to it. The only way to approach any problem is to jump in with both feet and boldly go where no baby has gone before. That’s what makes me so good at what I do.

I have always applied the same strategy to people. If I wanted to interact with someone I would simply go for it. I had no hesitation about getting right up in someone’s space and demanding attention. That’s the way it has always been until one day when things just changed.

It happened for no specific reason that I know of and I don’t really understand why I feel the way I do, but suddenly strangers began to give me pause. I’ll still approach them but with more caution and I would prefer that they not approach me. These days I like to be the one who initiates the relationship.

I am still a very social baby and I am likely to initiate that relationship, but these days I need a bit of time to figure a person out. I need to know what they’re about before I decide to befriend them. Maybe I’m simply maturing and becoming more selective as to whom I want in my circle of friends.

Frightened baby

Is that a stranger!?!?

Mommy says this is called stranger anxiety and it is a normal part of growing up. It can start as early as 4 months old but for me it didn’t begin until much later. We are individuals and each baby is different. I tend to be a curious and trusting baby.

I think that for me things began to change around the 7 or 8 month mark. One day, I just didn’t feel comfortable with strangers holding me. Not just complete strangers either, but also people who I don’t know very well. Really, anyone other than mommy and daddy made me a bit uncomfortable.

It’s not that nobody but mommy and daddy can hold me. It’s just that I need some time to get used to the new person before I’m alright with them invading my space. This doesn’t usually take long as I’m still me and rather curious about everyone and everything.

Now that I’m mobile, the easiest way for me to get comfortable is to allow me to approach the newcomer at my own pace. If you keep me company in my baby zone and mommy or daddy are near, it won’t be long before I’m inviting you to play with me. Play is a great icebreaker.

Over the last couple of months I have been experiencing similar feelings of anxiety around objects that I’m not familiar with. Not all objects of course, and not objects that are happy to mind their own business. I do not however like new objects that want to come at me or if they move unexpectedly. That’s just scary.

I’m not too fond of these new developments to my personality but mommy tells me there is no reason to be concerned. She says I am becoming more self-aware and as my sense of self increases, it is only natural to feel the need to protect that self. Mommy tells me that as I learn more about people, places, and things, I will become more confident again and these feelings will, for the most part, go away. I sure hope mommy is right because I don’t enjoy feeling scared.

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Mommies Don’t Get Trophies

A few days ago I told you about the first time that mommy and daddy went out without me, leaving me in the care of my grandparents. What I didn’t tell you, mainly because I hadn’t noticed at the time, is that daddy came home with a shiny trophy that now sits on our mantle. Apparently daddy received this trophy for all the hard work he does.

Most days daddy leaves for a large portion of the day and mommy and I are left on our own. I searched the whole house and he’s definitely not here. He’s not in the kitchen, living room, or any of the bedrooms. He’s not in the bathroom and he’s not under the couch. He’s not even hiding behind any of the curtains. I know because I have checked.

Baby playing with a curtain

Daddy? Nope.

I have asked mommy where daddy goes and she tells me that daddy goes to work. I don’t know what kind of work he is doing and I don’t understand why he can’t just do his work at home like mommy and I do. Doesn’t he like being with us?

I have been outside many times and I know what kind of activities go on out there. You can play in the grass or snow, depending on the season. There are car rides. There’s visiting people. You can go to the park or for a walk. Lastly, there is shopping. What else goes on out there?

I know daddy isn’t shopping since he’s not coming home with stuff. Unless he’s just a really bad shopper, but then they wouldn’t be giving him trophies for it. I don’t think daddy is going for car rides or to the park because he knows how much I like to do those things and he would surely bring me along. It’s much too cold to play in the snow all day. I guess daddy must be visiting people.

Why would daddy get a trophy for visiting people? I have gone for visits and I didn’t get a trophy. Maybe daddy is visiting grumpy people? I guess that could be a reason to give someone a trophy. Grumpy people aren’t much fun to be around.

If mommy and daddy went to an event where trophies were being handed out for hard work around grumpy people, then where is mommy’s trophy? Mommy works very hard every day. I see all the effort she puts into taking care of me, our home, and even daddy. The hours are long and the breaks are sporadic at best.

There are times when mommy works around a grumpy person. It’s not easy to get dinner on the table with a world of responsibilities on your shoulders and a fussy baby clinging around your neck. Even if it is the cutest baby ever, it’s still hard but mommy doesn’t even complain about it.

So why no trophy for mommy? I decided to get to the bottom of this and ask mommy where her trophy was. Mommy said that mommies don’t get trophies because they don’t have a boss to give them one. This got my mind racing. I thought I was the boss!

Whenever I need anything I simply let mommy know and she gets it for me day or night. Isn’t that what a boss does? But if I’m the boss, and the boss is supposed to give out the trophies, then I’m the reason mommy is still trophy-less. The failure has been mine!

I quickly turned my thoughts to finding a solution for this problem. Where would I get a trophy for mommy? Where do trophies even come from? I’ve never seen one until daddy showed me the one that now sits on our mantle. I would have to improvise.

Baby playing with infant toys

Would mommy like this?

My trophy for mommy would have to be a bit more unorthodox. Since I couldn’t give her anything big and shiny, it would have to be something more sentimental. I had just the thing in mind. I began searching in my toy bins and boxes. I have several and it took a while, but I managed to find just what I was looking for.

I would present mommy with my favourite and oldest toy. As a physical representation of all her hard work, I would give mommy my pink elephant. I brought him over to mommy and proudly presented her trophy in an outstretched hand.

“Is that for me sweet Peach?” Mommy asked.

I leaned in and reached a little further to show mommy her prize and encourage her to take it. A smile spread across her face as she reached for the pink elephant and took him from my hands.

“That’s very nice of you Peachy. You’re a very good girl. Thank you.” Mommy said as she planted a kiss on my forehead.

“Is this my trophy for taking care of you?” Mommy asked and I smiled at her in reply.

“I think the pink elephant belongs with you. You, sweet Peachy, are all the trophy I need.” Mommy said as she handed my pink elephant back to me.

I was not expecting that. I am mommy’s trophy? I thought I was mommy’s boss. If I’m doing the work of two, maybe it’s me who should be getting the trophy.

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Peachy’s Valentines

It’s Valentine’s Day! The day to celebrate those we love. Today we set aside our busy schedules and make time for a gesture to demonstrate our feelings for those we wouldn’t want to live without. It can be big, expensive, and complicated, or it can be simple and small. What matters is that it comes from the heart.

I hope each of you have someone special to celebrate this day with. Maybe that someone is a family member, friend, of a bit of both. Maybe you’ve known then for years and maybe you’ve just met. Maybe they are four-legged and covered in fur, two-legged and covered in feathers, or no-legged and covered in scales. Whoever they may be, make sure you show them some extra love today.

I have many Valentines this year and I’m letting them know how important they are. First there are my mommy and daddy. I love them and I show them this with snuggles. They love me which they show by snuggling back, taking care of me every day, and the giant pink and red caterpillar they got me for Valentine’s Day.

I love my giant caterpillar. He’s huge! Much bigger than me! He’s stuffed with fluff and fuzzy on the outside. Of course he’s red and pink because what colours would you make a Valentine’s Day caterpillar? He has a silly face and two antenna that are fun to play with.

Baby with a giant stuffed caterpillar for Valentine's Day

If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Next on my list of Valentines are our two cats. I’m not sure they love me yet but I’m sure that I’ll win them over with time. I giggle at them, talk to them, and smile when they’re around. I try to give them snuggles but they refuse to allow themselves to be touched by me. Maybe they need some time to get to know me a little better.

Our relationship needs a bit of work. Maybe their feelings towards me are indifference at best of times, but I love them. They are furry, quick on their feet, and they eat the bits of chicken I drop on the floor. Maybe they’re not ready to love me back yet, but I still want to include them in my list of Valentines.

Next on the list are our fish. We have three of them. One is a really big one, another is pink, and a third is the tidy one that cleans up the tank. I like to watch them and they seem to enjoy watching me back. They swim right up to me when I’m nearby. Sometimes they splash me with water too.

I’ve been trying to snuggle our fish but I haven’t been successful yet. At first I couldn’t figure out a way to get my hands through the glass that divides us. Then I realized that you can’t go through, you have to go around. More strategy and less brute strength.

There is an opening at the top of their glass box and I’ve been trying to get my arms in there. Mommy and daddy stop me from reaching in for some reason. Unfortunately I’m too short to reach up there myself. I need their help to lift me and they notice when I try to get in there. Of course that doesn’t stop me from trying.

Next on the list are all the family and friends that come to visit me. I’m putting them all together because in all honesty, sometimes I don’t remember who’s who. When they come over I know I’ve seen them before but I forget the details. In my mind they blur into a group that I simply identify as the visitors.

They may be a mashed up blur of people, but I still like their visits. They pay attention to me and each one of them seems very impressed by all of the skills that I’m always willing to demonstrate. All of them like to play with me and sometimes they even bring me presents. If one or two of them stopped coming I might not notice, but I would be sad if all of the visitors disappeared. That’s why they deserve a space on my list of Valentines.

Valentine's Day Card

I made this for you!

There’s just one more spot on my list of Valentines for this year. The last space on the list is very special. This spot is reserved for someone who has listened to my complaints, celebrated my victories, and allowed me to vent all of my thoughts and ideas.

It’s you! I just wanted to make sure that you knew how happy I am that you are here, that you are important to me, and that you matter. Thank you for being you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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A Different Kind of Day

Yesterday was a brand new kind of day for me. I experienced something completely different. I did something I have never done before. It was another first in my ever-changing life.

Most days it’s just mommy and I for a large portion of the day. Sometimes it’s just daddy and I for a bit. Never have I been without mommy and daddy at the same time. Yesterday that changed.

It may seem silly to many people but in my 14 months of life I have spent every day in the care of my parents with no exception. We stick together as much as we can. That’s just how our little family of three does things. It’s what works for us.

Why was yesterday different? I don’t have all of the details but mommy did tell me about it both before and after the event. I’m not sure I understood it all, but I do know that it had something to do with the place daddy goes almost every day while mommy and I stay home to do our own thing.

Of course, I can’t be left alone for any amount of time. Mommy arranged for my grandparents to come over to our house to stay with me. They’ve been over many times before. I like when they come over because I get extra attention and I do like attention.

Mommy tried to minimize the impact on me as much as possible. My grandparents came over before my afternoon nap. They helped feed me my snack and played with me in the living room while mommy and daddy were busy upstairs.

When it was nap time, mommy took me to my room as always and read me one of my books. I noticed that mommy’s face looked a bit different than usual. More colourful maybe? I’m not sure. It was a bit dark in my room as we always turn the lights down when it’s nap time.

I fell asleep as usual and had a good long nap as I usually do. When I woke up, my grandmother came to get me. I thought this was a bit strange. It’s almost always mommy, occasionally daddy, and never anybody else. I was happy to just get out of my crib and go on with my day so I didn’t put up a fight.

I came downstairs as usual and that’s when I spotted my grandfather sitting on one of the couches. I thought that was peculiar but didn’t put up a fuss. I knew that it was playtime and the more people are involved in playtime, the more fun it is.

Baby playing with a Vtech toy.

Playtime makes everything better.

After a bit of play it was time for dinner. This is my usual routine but it didn’t happen exactly like it usually does. Mommy always feeds me my dinner in the kitchen. This time it was my grandmother feeding me in the living room. The food was good and exactly like one of the meals mommy makes for me so I ate it regardless of the change to routine.

Then it was back to more playtime. I do love playtime. Both of my grandparents were very much involved in my activities. They don’t play the same way that mommy and daddy do, but I found the variety amusing. I even learned a couple of new things that never occurred to me before.

I played for quite a while and I was having a great time. It was surreal to have my usual routine with occasional and unexpected twists. Like a regular day but different. It wasn’t bad, but it was strange.

The excitement of the unexpected was beginning to take a toll on my energy reserves. I began to get a bit tired and that’s when I started thinking that I would like my mommy to hold me for a bit. My grandmother tried to step in for mommy in this capacity. I sat with her for a bit but I couldn’t get fully relaxed. Nobody’s arms are like mommy’s.

I decided that I would rather go back to playing instead. As I sat there wondering where mommy and daddy could be and if they were ever coming back, I heard a noise at the door. I peeked around the corner and what do I see? Mommy peeking back at me!

I rushed over to greet mommy and tell her about my unexpected day. I felt that I had so much to say but when mommy wrapped her arms around me, none of that seemed important anymore. Mommy didn’t say anything either. We were perfectly content to simply hold each other for a while.

Next was daddy’s turn to tell me how much he missed me. I find daddy’s presence exciting and I wanted to play. After a bit of fun with daddy, I didn’t even feel tired anymore. I noticed that mommy and daddy looked a little different than usual but after my day of unexpected surprises I took it all in stride.

Our reunion took a while as we were all so happy to see one another. Eventually I was placed back in my baby zone. Mommy and daddy disappeared again while my grandparents played with me some more. Daddy returned promptly but mommy was nowhere to be seen.

While daddy talked with my grandparents, I began to search for mommy. I thought I could hear noises upstairs. After what seemed like a long time, I finally heard the familiar sound of mommy’s feet coming down the stairs.

Mommy came around the corner and over to the couches where we were. That’s when I realized she was my everyday mommy again. She looked and smelled just the way she always does. I rushed over to her and demanded to be picked up and held. Mommy didn’t hesitate and scooped me up. At that moment I knew life was back to normal and everything was going to be just fine.

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